What We Do

The Exigent team uncovers the real story of your business with today’s data.

The technology landscape is an ever-changing tangle of social, ad platform, web analytics, e-commerce and enterprise systems that don’t talk to each other. We connect them together and unify the data in one visual platform where you can easily measure results and spot revenue opportunities as they unfold.

  • Identify the most impactful data sources that are driving your – or your client’s – media, marketing and business performance.
  • Connect your own and 3rd party data into an automatically-updated data visualization dashboard.
  • Analyze the output and spot opportunities for marketing, sales and operations improvement.
  • Optimize your processes and continually improve your data feedback loop.

How We Help You

Exigent links your business intelligence software to your bottom line. Our team leverages media industry expertise, data technology know-how and big data analytics expertise to make your marketing organization stronger.

Data Visualization
Platform Integration

We help you tap into the power of a real-time, unified data view.

Analytics and Business

We bring data science and industry-specific experience to help you drive revenue.

Marketing and Business
Process Improvement

We provide roadmaps to automate workflows and create measurable KPIs.

Case Studies

See how we’ve helped our clients and how we can help you.

Markham and Stein Case Study

Markham and Stein Case Study

Award-winning creative agency, Markham & Stein is recognized for their strategic thinking and cutting-edge creative work.

Accelerate Fulfillment and Increase Advertising Operations Efficiency

Accelerate Fulfillment and Increase Advertising Operations Efficiency

The Miles Partnership’s Path to Growth and Improved Profitability


Exigent Digital is a Strategic Partner with TapClicks, the leader in unified business and marketing data. Our team of experts have industry savvy and in-depth platform knowledge to elevate the value of TapClicks for your business.

  • Accelerated Onboarding

    From on-boarding to a full-service implementation, we help our clients realize the benefits of the TapClicks platform faster.

  • Custom Dashboards

    We tap into the power of experts-only capabilities to create dashboards that offer a new perspective of your business and make it easier to spot trends.

  • Data Analytics

    Business intelligence and data analytics consulting backed by media and marketing industry insights and expertise.

  • Workflow Automation

    Process design and optimizations driven by data and deep media operations experience.

Who We Are

Exigent Digital was founded by a team of seasoned professionals with a depth of knowledge in analytics, technology, workflow automation, and revenue generation.

We bring you 20+ years of experience in partnering with media businesses and agencies to offer expertise, an objective data viewpoint and a dedication to your business’s success.

Want to be part of the team? E-mail us: hello@exigentdigital.com

Now, with personalized dashboards and real-time data, we can work proactively and stay in-front of campaigns mitigating potential delays. We have the visibility we need to ensure that every campaign meets the clients’ performance goals and realize the full revenue potential of the opportunity.

VP Marketing Services & Delivery Informa Engage Barbara Couchois

Insights from the consolidated view of our business gave us the opportunity to optimize the operation and maximize revenue. Measuring our KPI’s in real-time was essential to quickly identify opportunities for our network.

CEO - Digo Hispanic Media Augusto Romano

The comprehensive audience analysis brought creative insights to our sales team and supported the development of a new prospect strategy.

President - Observer Media James Karklins

Who We’ve Helped

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