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Assessing Ad Ops: Competitive Sales Advantage? Cost Center? Both?

The bulk of time Ad Ops departments spend day-to-day is on mundane operational tasks; Manually maintaining campaign run lists, producing reports from multiple siloed systems, manually processing creatives, reading through a never-ending stream of emails with instructions easily missed amid replies and signatures. Add double and triple-entering campaigns across multiple platforms. Resources that can grow your business are lost to inefficiencies.

Streamlined Ad Operations are essential to growth and profitability. Your business stands-out when campaigns are executed quickly, accurately, and perform to client expectations. When Ad Ops are focused on product solutions and strategy, inventory grows, rates increase and new revenue opportunities are uncovered.

What’s the Impact on Your Business from Inefficient Ad Ops?

  1. High labor costs due to over staffing and underutilization.
  2. Revenue lost due to campaigns starting late, under-performing, or missed altogether
  3. Cashflow slowed due to manual month end processes to reconcile third party data.
  4. Under-capitalized inventory
  5. Opportunities for new revenue streams are missed due to lack of real-time data
  6. Business decisions based on outdated data

Indicators Your Ad Operations Need Help:

  1. IOs and Creatives Assets are stored on multiple computers, in multiple email boxes, and again on shared drives.
  2. Users manually creating and maintaining ad run lists.
  3. Two or more staffs contact the same customer for ad creatives.
  4. Email threads that are months long, with instructions and tasks hidden among signature lines and legal disclaimers.
  5. Manually pulling campaign performance reports, formatting, filtering and summarizing for management and clients.

We Can Help

Our approach to efficient advertising operations begins by integrating business and marketing technologies. We leverage those integrations to create dashboards provide the visibility to every campaign. By aligning campaigns with revenue, we create a sense of urgency by showing the financial exposure due to late starting and underperforming campaigns.