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Accelerate Fulfillment and Increase Advertising Operations Efficiency

Accelerate Fulfillment and Increase Advertising Operations Efficiency

Responding to the growth in its custom marketing and advertising business, Miles Partnership needed to increase capacity of its advertising operations. The increase in volume of work and complexity of digital marketing campaigns exceeded the staff’s ability to keep up with sales and client needs.  Randi Rogers, Sr. Vice President at Miles, recognized that staffs were dependent on redundant, manual processes. They spent considerable time every week aggregating campaign data from multiple systems and compiling tracking spreadsheets and creating reports for management.

Staffs were manually entering campaigns into Google Ad Manager, slowing down campaign launch. Each market had nuances in how they managed their work, limiting how much they could help each other out. The conclusion was that current staffs were under-utilized and adding more staffs would make a complicated situation even worse. To handle growth, automation and process improvement were critical.

Breeze was selected for its ability to automate fulfillment of multi-channel campaigns and streamline workflows from signed Insertion Order through proof of performance.  Through integrations with core advertising technologies, including Salesforce™, NetSuite™ and Google Ad Manager™, Breeze would centralize campaign information, reduce the number of systems staffs needed to use, and eliminate manual entry of campaigns.

The workflows and processes for producing custom content are different than traditional media and publishing. Every client has a unique set of product offerings, each with its own mechanicals and rules. The implementation team from Exigent worked with Miles to create workflows and automations that simplified and streamlined processes. Staffs immediately realized time savings and had unprecedented visibility to where every campaign stands. With processes standardized and data centralized, staffs now work collaboratively, helping each other during high volume periods.

Manual ad tracking sheets have been replaced with dashboards that update at automatically when new campaign orders and changes are detected. Dashboards can be filtered by market, client, and product. Campaign statuses update automatically as IOs are signed and creatives received. Creatives are automatically validated, optimized, downloaded, and routed to the correct team for scheduling.

The Google Ad Manager connector automates creation accounts, campaigns, and line items. As campaign records are ingested from SalesForce, the operations team received a campaign scheduling ticket. They review the campaign for accuracy right in Breeze. If satisfied, releases it to Google Ad Manager.

Breeze also pulls campaign performance data from Google Ad Manager multiple times each day. This saves time and allows staffs to closely monitor campaigns to ensure they meet client KPIs.

With centralized information and assets, staffs have adopted a common workflow across all markets. As a result, staffs can now work any market, increasing utilization, and, eliminating the need for staffs to write up summaries during vacations and days off.

In addition to tremendous cost savings, the role of the ad operations team has been elevated. With the new-found time, they are able to help sales with more clerical tasks and provide clients with a higher level of support. Management now has the insights on the volume of work being produced, team member performance, and operational costs of each campaign.