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How Transparency Leads to Better Partners, and Better Brands

How Transparency Leads to Better Partners, and Better Brands

Buyers and sellers are increasing more selective, narrowing the field of URLs that they will buy and sell inventory from. While cost is a major factor in the decision process, transparency, brand safety, and quality content are critical factors.

Likewise, in response to the lack of transparency on the demand and seller side, we’re working with our media and publishing clients to optimize their path. Naturally we’re believers in data. We measure partner performance, closely monitoring rates, brand quality, consistency, reliability and transparency. Through different data visualization strategies, we’re able to efficiently identify the partners who are delivering on their promise.

We recommend regular meetings with technology partners to collaborate on achieving goals for both parties. In addition, publishers and media should engage directly with the brands and agencies to better understand the needs of the buyer. That open communication builds trust and provides critical insights into what publishers need to do to attract the right kinds of clients and grow revenue. Finally, we work collaboratively with our media and publishing clients, strategizing on developing select inventory that meets the needs of the buyers. That inventory is then sold at a premium based on high demand and competition.

Exigent Digital couples a unified data visualization platform with on-going strategy services. Through advanced data science techniques, Exigent Digital provides essential insights for agencies and brands maximize the impact of their marketing investment and strategies for publishers to optimize business performance and grow revenue.