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Revenue Growth Experts Team Up to Launch Exigent Digital

Helping agencies and media companies put big data to work to increase agility and profitability.

Portsmouth, NH—October 27, 2020 – Digital intelligence and revenue growth experts, Ana Browne and Jon Dickinson, have partnered to launch Exigent Digital, a professional services firm that provides data visualization and business intelligence solutions to agencies, brands, and media companies.

Through innovative software and strategic consulting services, Exigent Digital helps executives in sales, marketing, and operations connect, analyze, and transform chaotic data into actionable business intelligence. Frontline teams within an organization have specific data needs but struggle to gather actionable insights in real time. Exigent Digital helps frontline teams gain visibility into the data insights they need, in real time, then interpret the data and turn it into action.

“Our approach extends the value of internal business intelligence to the front lines of the business,” said Jon Dickinson, co-founder and CEO of Exigent Digital. “While BI focuses on the bigger picture, we’re working with managers to uncover and capitalize on opportunities that have an immediate impact on top and bottom-line revenue.”

Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Exigent Digital offers a team of seasoned professionals with a depth of knowledge in analytics, technology, workflow automation and revenue generation.

“Our approach is collaborative,” said Ana Browne, Exigent Digital’s co-founder and CRO. “We work directly with the different business units to understand their challenges and objectives. With backgrounds in media and publishing, we put together dashboards that make complex data understandable for sales, operations, and marketing. We become part of their team, understand their goals, teach staff how to interpret the data, identify opportunities, then help them capitalize on them.”

Dickinson also serves as president of CNI Corporation and brings 20 years of experience helping media companies and agencies increase profitability. Browne also serves as CEO and founder of ABC Digital Group and brings with her more than 15 years of experience in digital media operations and business strategy and optimization. Exigent Digital builds on the strength and resources of the ABC Group and CNI Corporation.

About Exigent Digital

Exigent Digital helps agencies, brands, and media companies connect, analyze, and transform chaotic data into actionable business insights. Headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, Exigent Digital combines data visualization technology and business intelligence expertise to empower executives in marketing, sales, and operations to make smarter business decisions based on real time data. To learn more about Exigent Digital, please visit