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Understanding Clients That You’ve Never Met Before

Understanding Clients That You’ve Never Met Before

Not that long ago, face-to-face interactions with customers was an essential part of the selling process. When the pandemic hit, doors closed, people stayed in their homes and apartments, and the world seemed to slow to a crawl.  Something happened that no one expected for some businesses: Customers continued to shop.
A regional luxury car dealership had one of the best quarters in the history of their business.  Cars were literally leaving their lot faster than they could be replaced.  During that hot streak, the dealership was quieter than it had ever been.  Customers were doing their research on-line, using virtual driving apps, and scheduling test drives without ever talking to a sales person.  They’d show up for a test drive, get in the vehicle themselves, and take it for a spin.  They were not only minimizing exposure to the virus, but the dealership’s sales staff.  Sale were completed electronically, also from a distance.  It was the complete opposite of classic auto sales process has been conducted.
We created a dashboard solution to better understand prospective and existing customers who were no longer in showrooms or attending events.  Facebook and Instagram were connected.  The local enthusiast club’s social media were also tied in.  We connected lead, test drive and customer reviews data. Off-line marketing data are imported to see the impact of events.  Last, we tapped social listening tools. 
By overlaying social insights with marketing spend allocation, sales, and customer journey, we are able to give the dealer a better understanding of their client than they had before the pandemic.  The client-profile dashboard gave a daily view of what people are saying about the brand, model, dealership, sales process, and service department.  It explains the customer journey in detail, including what competitive brands and dealerships are considered.  Social listening tools provide insights on competition that is put to use by the dealer’s sales team. 
We created a view that exposes nuances in sentiment, trending words and the most impactful imagery.  Those insights are used to optimize advertising and marketing creatives and messaging.
In the automotive industry, brand and dealership integrity and service quality are paramount.  Data allow the dealer to easily stay on-top of their reputation and quickly get ahead of a negative situation that could impact revenue.
As we always say, data is NOT the answer, but, the answer lies in the data.  By continually monitoring the data visualizations and adapting it to changes in business goals and market conditions, we’re able to help our clients improve both top and bottom-line revenue.